iPhone 14: cases emerge before the event on the 7th

iphone 14 cases 1 1.jpg
iphone 14 cases 1 1.jpg

This is the final stretch before the expected Apple event on the new line of iPhone 14. Obviously, before this new generation, a large amount of production is undertaken, so there will be multiple cases on the internet that are already hanging around before the world premiere . Therefore, some images are already available that hover over the cases for the iPhone 14 that have a high probability of being announced during the event on September 7.

Cases available for the iPhone 14

Information filtered by the user Majin Bu via Twitter, revealed some iPhone cases before the premiere. Remember that this user is known for sharing this type of rumours. The knowledge it maintains results in how interesting it is to visualize the “identical clones” of this accessory for the new model.

This Twitter user he has shared about eight different covers. However, it indicates that they may not necessarily be the official colors seen in the images. But it really may be likely some color if I made it to the final selection. Due to Bu’s interesting history with iPhone cases, this may be valuable information.

The covers that can be seen have the following colors:

  • Red.
  • Navy blue.
  • Purple.
  • Yellow.
  • Black.
  • Pink.
  • midnight blue
  • Mint.
Purple iPhone 14 concept by Ian Zelbo and Jon Prosser

However, Bu has only been able to leak the images of some cases, with no opportunity to share the leather ones or the colors that Apple has decided on them. Although it should be noted that there were already leaks of schematics and CAD of the iPhone 14 for several months. This may have allowed third-party manufacturers to have their own production of the official Apple case.

Secondly, Jioriku, who is another Twitter user had his own thread commenting a bit on the next generation of the iPhone model. There he explained the possible colors, as well as the always-on screen mode that the device would include, among other features. Said leaker had knowledge about the iPhone 13 and how the unlock with only look worked while wearing a mask.

Jioriku indicated that the iPhone 14 would have multiple possible colors. Said information could tie somewhat with what Majin Buu also indicated regarding the colors of the covers:

  • iPhone 14: green, blue, purple, red, white and black. He would let between seeing that the pink will be replaced by the color purple according to what he knows.
  • iPhone 14 Pro: Purple, Gold, Graphite, Green, Silver. In this model it indicates that the Purple color will be changed to Sierra Blue.