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iPhone 14 and 14 Max: not only does the notch remain, but the bezels do not change either

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2022 will be the year in which Apple will launch the first iphones of the new era without the notch, the characteristic notch that contains the Face ID sensors and that has caused much discussion since its introduction in 2017 with the presentation of the iPhone X. But it will not apply to everyone: the next iPhone by will in fact be a family of the most differentiated ever, internally, as regards the design choices.

The double hole that will replace the notch, following in the wake of the rumors of these months, will be exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. iPhone 14 And iPhone 14 Max (the latter will replace the Mini model in the catalog), instead, the notch will stay where it always has been, thus marking a clear difference between the “base” products and those of the top. And that’s not all: because according to rumors coming from Asia, and precisely from the Chinese supply chain, there would be at least one other major discrepancy in aesthetics.


If the presence of the notch is a macroscopic fact, which immediately catches the eye, the other difference that according to rumors should separate iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max from iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max would be more subtle. As the bezel around the display of Pro modelsin fact, that Apple will reduce making the look of smartphones so more modern.

In fact, in all these years in Cupertino they have preferred to focus on the full symmetry of the frames rather than on the extreme but not homogeneous optimization, like the other manufacturers. But in this round it will be possible to meet both requirements, and so along with the disappearance of the notch to modernize the appearance of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro there will also be some really slim bezels.

What about iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max? They will hold the bezels of the iPhone 13 familyof which they will substantially constitute a sort of continuation with updated hardware unlike the older brothers, who will instead have the task of marking the first, true design revolution since the iPhone X.

Obviously at the moment there is nothing confirmed: to see what the iPhone 14 will look like we will have to wait for autumn. And until the presentation, however, we will continue to keep track of the most relevant rumors, crossing them, to compose along the way an identikit as accurate as possible of the next Apple-branded smartphones.

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