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iPhone 14, a variant without a trolley for the physical SIM is coming | Rumor

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Apparently eSIMs, or electronic SIMs, are having some success, especially in Europe and Asia, and Apple could already exploit this with the next generation of iphones, coming out this fall, bringing to market at least one variant of the Melafonino without trolley for the physical SIM. A report from the Wall Street Journal, who does not go into much detail on the modalities of this initiative; apparently operators will be able to decide whether to offer the traditional model or the “sans” one.

The source notes that although in Europe and Asia, where users are generally less “loyal” to operators looking for the cheapest tariff plan, also in the United States, the country’s three main operators are preparing to the transition to new technology. After all, once the absolute safety and reliability of the idea has been ascertained, there is really no reason to remain attached to the physical SIM: the advantages of the electronic one are many, and include:

  • Switching from a much simpler operator. No need to open the smartphone (you don’t always have something thin enough to take out the trolley, by the way), just frame a QR code.
  • More security in case of theft or loss. Electronic SIM is easier to lock and reactivate on another device.
  • Simplification of the construction of the device (the trolley of the SIM is also one of the few points of potential entry of liquids) and saving of the precious internal space.
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As we know Apple is generally cautious when it comes to introducing new technologies; at this stage it seems a gamble to hypothesize a more aggressive strategy than that illustrated by the source – trivially: all the new iPhones will only support eSIM. But it is clear that the company has always looked at electronic SIMs with a lot of interest, and it has been one of the first to bring them to the marketwith the iPhone XS.

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