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iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Xr on offer at an all-time low on Amazon

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iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Xr on offer at an all-time low on Amazon

After Bennet’s bomb offer on the iPhone 11, let’s go back to talking about discounts on the iPhone offered by Amazon. Today the online store allows you to bring home two very interesting models at an all-time low.

iPhone 11 Pro 64 gigabyte, in the gold colour, it is available at 799 USD, 190 USD less than the 1,189 Euros listed. From the data provided by Keepa we observe that this is the lowest price ever reached on the site, at least since last April, and undoubtedly represents an excellent opportunity to buy it. In the product data-sheet, you can also tick the appropriate box that allows you to add the AppleCare +, Apple’s additional warranty, for two years at 229 USD.

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64 Gigabyte iPhone Xr, in the (PRODUCT) Red version, on the other hand, reaches the lowest price ever on Amazon and is available at 579.99 Euros, for a 22% drop (equal to 159.01 Euros) compared to the 739 Euros in the price list. Also, in this case, it is possible to add extra protection in the form of AppleCare + at 169 euros, by ticking the appropriate box.

Amazon guarantees fast delivery and all Prime benefits, including the ability to send it to a collection point. As always, however, it did not provide any indication on the expiry date.

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