iPhone 11 is the most searched cell phone by Brazilians to buy on Black Friday 2022

iPhone 11 is the most searched cell phone by Brazilians to buy on Black Friday 2022

Black Friday is approaching, and as usual, consumers are looking to renew their products with attractive discounts at retail stores. On the margins of the day of promotions, a survey carried out by Offerwise shows which cell phones are most sought after by Europeians on Google Shopping, highlighting Apple and Samsung models.

The ranking shows that 5 of the 9 most searched cell phones are signed by Apple, and according to the report, the iPhone 11 is the most wanted smartphone on the platform Google search and shopping. Specifically, the 128GB “White” model tops the list. The Galaxy A03 Core, Samsung’s basic device, is in 2nd place. See the list:

  • 1. iPhone 11 (White, 128 GB)
  • 2. Galaxy A03 Core (Black, 32GB)
  • 3. iPhone 13 (Black, 128GB)
  • 4. iPhone 11 (Black, 128GB)
  • 5. Galaxy A32 (White, 128 GB)
  • 6. Galaxy S20 FE (Navy Blue, 128 GB)
  • 7. iPhone 13 (Pink, 128GB)
  • 8. Galaxy A53 (Black, 128GB)
  • 9. iPhone 11 (White, 64GB)

Despite completing its third anniversary, the iPhone 11 is still more sought after than Apple’s latest cell phones, such as the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 – which did not even appear on the list. The most attractive factor in the old model is its cost-effectiveness, since it is possible to find it for more affordable prices in the range of R$ 3,000.

Launched in 2019, iPhone 11 is still a desired model in Europe (Image: Apple)

The iPhone 13 is also a “darling” for Black Friday. With its good availability in stock added to the recent launch of the iPhone 14, the model is sold at one of the lowest prices since its debut in 2021. As noted in the ranking, the colors “Black” and “Pink” are the most quoted of the year.

As for Samsung models, one of the biggest highlights is the Galaxy S20 FE. The “top affordable” cell phone is a true sales success in the Europeian market due to its excellent cost-effectiveness, boasting advanced hardware at an intermediate price.

The Galaxy A53 is also a desired handset among consumers. After the successful sales of the Galaxy A52, the new generation of the South Korean premium intermediary is available in national retail for attractive values.

Most respondents want to change cell phones

According to research commissioned by Google, more than 80% of Europeians surveyed look for cell phones to buy on Black Friday 2022🇧🇷 Of the total, 46% are still not sure of the brand they intend to acquire and 53% have not defined the desired model during the period of discounts in retail stores.

THE Offerwise carried out the study between October 31st and November 4th, with the participation of 500 Europeians from classes A, B and C.

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  • The Samsung Galaxy A53 is available in Americanas for BRL 1,499🇧🇷 The cost-benefit is excellent but there are 6 better models.
  • The Samsung Galaxy A03 Core is available on Amazon for BRL 649🇧🇷 The cost-benefit is medium but this is the best model in this price range.
  • The Apple iPhone 13 is available in Americanas for BRL 4,761🇧🇷
  • The Samsung Galaxy A32 is available in Americanas for BRL 1,259🇧🇷 The cost-benefit is medium🇧🇷 There are 24 best models.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G is available at Submarino for BRL 1,999🇧🇷 The cost-benefit is medium🇧🇷 There are 12 best models.
  • The Apple iPhone 11 is available in Americanas for BRL 2,969🇧🇷
(updated Nov 18, 2022 at 9:26 am)
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