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iPadOS 16 is coming very soon to turn your iPad into a Mac. How?

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Apple dominates the tablet market with an iron fist. The different versions of iPad they sweep in terms of sales, to the point that the company with the bitten apple is protecting the stock of components to avoid future problems before the launch of its next generation of equipment.

In addition, with the arrival of the pandemic, these types of devices have become an ideal work tool. The number of users who have put aside their laptop to start working with the iPad continues to increase. And for this reason, the company with the bitten apple wants release a version of iPadOS 16 so that the iPad can be used as a laptop rather than a large smartphone.

Or this is what emerges from the latest report published by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, a journalist specialized in everything related to the Apple universe and who has really high success rates in his forecasts.

The iPad Pro will be perfect for work

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As reported by Gurman. Apple wants iPadOS 16 to be the perfect platform to work with the iPad. And for this reason it will have a completely redesigned multitasking interface so that you can more comfortably see what applications are open.

iPad Mini and iPad Pro

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iPad Mini and iPad Pro splash

You will also be able to change the size of windows and other elements with which you can work with several applications at the same time in the same conditions as if you were doing it with a Mac computer.

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According to Gurmann, the renewed version of iPadOS wants to be one of the biggest surprises of the WWDC in 2022. In this way, the firm wants the iPad Pro to work as if it were a Mac. And considering that very similar hardware is hidden inside, the idea is not so bad.

With respect to iPadOS 16 releaseApple is expected to officially present it on June 6, with a preview of the software for developers until they can launch the final version throughout the third quarter of the year.

Undoubtedly, excellent news for users of an Apple tablet compatible with the latest version of the operating system, since they will be able to enjoy a renewed interface that has been adapted to be able to use the iPad, especially the Pro model, to work in the best conditions. Will it end up replacing traditional laptops?

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