iPad mini 6, dead battery? Stop replacing the device, Apple repairs it


Stop replacing the entire device for a “gone” battery, from now on some Apple technicians they will replace the component with with a new one. The new policy for the moment affects the sixth generation iPad mini (review here) and Not the other iPads in the range or the mini 6 taken over by Apple Store and Authorized Resellers, for which the previous indications continue to apply, at least for the moment. The colleagues of macrumors.com..

Nothing or almost nothing changes in terms of environmental impact. IPads withdrawn for a battery to change, it’s intuitive, they are not thrown awaybut refurbished and given to replace other iPads or best sellers. It is a circular system. Apple has preferred and in most cases prefers to change the device because in this way it avoids the customer waiting for the battery replacement which can then be carried out without haste. The customer returns home satisfied because he solved his problem in no time at all and what’s more he has an almost new product, “cleaned up” even by small scratches that are formed with use.

But now the certainty of returning from service with an iPad like new is no longer unshakable, it cannot be excluded that the new policy will not be extended to Apple Stores or other models of the tablet with the Apple. I am “safe” at the moment, but tomorrow? In short, the transition to a normal policy for most of the other producers could displease some. We do not know the reasons, but it is possible that the expensive energy and the scarcity of electronic components may have influenced Apple’s choice. Battery replacement currently costs in Italy 108.99 euros for any of the latest generation iPads, from the standard, to the Pro, passing through mini and Air.

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