IoT and Edge: Security remains one of the biggest challenges

iot and edge security remains one of the biggest challenges.jpg
iot and edge security remains one of the biggest challenges.jpg

The Eclipse Foundation surveyed IoT developers: Agriculture is the top use case and security concerns remain.


The Eclipse Foundation has conducted the annual “IoT & Edge Developer Survey” for the eighth time. This year, 910 developers and decision-makers will provide insights into the world of IoT and Edge applications – from the IoT middleware and programming languages ​​used to the biggest challenges.


Compared to last year’s survey, security concerns (26 percent) in the IoT and edge space have almost doubled. They are therefore among the three biggest challenges, along with connectivity (47 percent) and data collection and analysis (26 percent).

This year, agriculture turned out to be the leading area of ​​application for IIoT and edge computing technologies with 23 percent. It was already in first place last year with 26 percent. This is followed – also in the same order – by Industrial Automation with 22 percent and Automotive with 20 percent.

For devices with limited resources (Constrained Devices), Java, C and C++ are the programming languages ​​of choice among those surveyed. For IoT gateways and edge nodes, they most often rely on Java, and the IIoT communication protocol is predominantly MQTT. Alternative communication protocols such as TCP/IP or AMQP 0.9 show an increase, while the use of HTTP/HTTPS and REST has slightly decreased – with two and one percent less than in the previous year.

The Eclipse Foundation has also obtained information on the still young area of ​​IoT middleware. Respondents primarily use AWS IoT (32 percent), Microsoft Azure IoT (22 percent), and Google Cloud IoT Platform (17 percent). However, Google will switch off IoT Core next year, the interface between the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and end devices in the Internet of Things. According to the Eclipse Foundation, this can lead to increased diversification of the middleware market in the future. Other middleware options include Bosch IoT Suite (11 percent), IBM Watson IoT Platform and Cumulocity (10 percent each).

Sponsored by the Eclipse IoT Working Group, the Eclipse Edge Native Working Group, and the Eclipse Sparkplug Working Group, the Eclipse Foundation conducted the survey from April 1 through June 15, 2022. The global survey includes responses from 910 developers, open source contributors, software architects and decision makers.

In addition to a blog entry summarizing the most important findings, the Eclipse Foundation makes the study report available in exchange for contact information.

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