iOS 17 will protect your privacy even better in Safari, Mail and Messages

ios 17 nouveautes compatibilite tout savoir sur le nouvel.jpg
ios 17 nouveautes compatibilite tout savoir sur le nouvel.jpg

With iOS 17, Apple is more focused than ever on the privacy of user data. The company has announced several new security features for Safari, Mail and Messages.

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Apple explains about his website that “when you use Private Browsing in Safari, your session details are not saved and the websites you visit are not shared with your other devices. Safari doesn’t remember the pages you visit, your search history, or your autofill information.

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Indeed, many websites add additional information to their URLs “in order to track users to other websites. From now on, this information will be removed from the links that users share in Messages and Mail, and the links will continue to work as expected. This information will also be removed from the links in Safari Private Browsing “. These are not the only measures taken by Apple to protect its customers.

iOS 17 will protect users’ private data even better

The optional “Sensitive Content Warning” feature prevents users from viewing nudity images and videos unsolicited in Messages, AirDrop, FaceTime, and in the Phone app, when they receive a contact poster, for example. We note that, as practical as it is, AirDrop is often misused. Apple is also strengthening Isolation Mode, which now offers more protections to people who might be targeted by spyware.

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Isolation mode offers ” safer default wireless connectivity settings, media management, media sharing defaults, sandboxing, and network security optimizations”. Isolation mode (Lockdown) therefore reinforces the defenses of the iPhone and strictly limits certain functionalities, “which considerably reduces the attack surface for hackers. Good news for Apple Watch owners, Isolation Mode will be supported on watchOS.”

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