iOS 17 revolutionizes security: Share your iCloud passwords securely

ios 17 shared passwords.jpg
ios 17 shared passwords.jpg

Apple has constantly been concerned about the security of its users and the WWDC was the presentation of some updates that seek these improvements with iCloud in iOS 17. This encouragement to use passwords as a secure but different and complex section on each site is a precaution that can make your life easier even if you want to share them.

Share passwords with iCloud in iOS 17

Now that the presentation of iOS 17 was made at WWDC 2023, Family Passwords had their own section and concern on the part of the company. Now with a perfect update to be able to share them, as well as the keys of friends and family. You only have to access the Settings app in the Passwords section and keep in mind who you want to share them with.

Through some management of settings you can quickly get the section of who will be the chosen contacts of your complete trust to share your sensitive information. In this way, these group contacts will also be able to share their passwords by selecting the ones they decide. In other words, you can share the passwords of streaming services or online bill payment without showing your bank’s sensitive information.

You may also have the option to select only specific passwords to share with your group. Members will then have your information along with their own. In case of any change it will be easily editable as well as entering other passwords where the changes will be updated for the entire group. In any case, you will have different options to be able to edit the group. For example, groups with your partner and children, just your partner or with your co-workers, roommates, family or friends.

If you decide to create a group, you can easily add and edit the contacts you want. As well as undo the entire group a few clicks away. Remember that the requirements to include a person in your group will be necessary:

  • Integrate your contact list first.
  • All those contacts must already have their device updated to iOS 17.

Just like with your passwords normally, the passwords you share with your group are ready in iCloud Keychain. Remember that it is a totally secure process, encrypted from end to end. For its part, Passkeys can also be shared as it is an alternative option for the device.

This new option unites several users with each other thanks to its practical Apple Password function. Well, previously there was no such free, safe and secure functions for your information.