iOS 17 Beta for developers is banned for free by Apple

Brian Adam

The all-new “Beta Updates” menu section included in iPhone iOS 16.4 betas from Settings, General, and Update works to give developers more efficient access, especially now that iOS 17 might be coming. This option makes it easier for those in the Apple Developer Program get iOS betas from the iPhone itself. Thanks to this option, it will not be necessary to carry out processes from the Apple developer website.

Apple prevents free betas of iOS 17

It should be noted that the special menu will only be available if your iPhone contains a user who previously has a session with an Apple ID that are enrolled in the Apple Developer Program. For the following versions of iOS, Apple indicates that the menu will be an exclusive method in case developer betas are required. It is expected that the profiles will no longer be available for the website.

Apple’s goal is that iPhone users who do not have a subscription to the Apple Developer Program at a price of $99 per year get the free betas. In case you subscribe, You will be able to install the beta for developers of the new iOS 17 that will arrive for WWDC in June. At the moment, there are users who can get iOS developer betas for free by getting the profiles for the website.

These measures are completely understandable, especially the swift action against the websites that facilitate developer beta profiles. For example, the website has been shut down since last August in order to avoid “legal battles with Apple.” Apple’s legal team alerted Twitter to multiple tweets sharing links to However, there are still several sites that Apple must close.

Obviously, Apple does not prohibit public betas, so if you want to have iOS 17 you only have the options of paying for the Apple Developer Program service or waiting until July, when the update will probably arrive. you can get Apple’s public beta versions by signing up for this other program for free.

iOS 17 will still be able to reach devices via the IPSW file from the developers, but there is still room for changes. So, what is practically confirmed is the removal of configuration profiles on the site.