iOS 17.4 update brings more than 100 new emojis to iPhone

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iphone actualizacion ios 17.4.jpg

iPhone iOS 17.4 update

The latest update to Apple’s operating system, iOS 17.4, has deployed a series of new features to all compatible iPhones. Among them are six new emojis for keyboard never seen before and 112 variationsso that users can use it in their conversations and make them more lively.

Since the Unicode Consortium released the first 76 emojis in 1995, more than 28 years have passed. Currently, there are more than 3,660 of these pictograms and, each year, the number grows with the updates that come out.

Of the more than 100 that Apple just released, most are skin color changes and gender variations. For example, the person who walks, the person who runs, the person who kneels, the person who has a blind man’s cane, and the person who uses a wheelchair now have three gender options and five skin tones.

Six brand new emojis on iPhone

In addition to the variations, iPhones that update their software to iOS 17.4 will be able to enjoy six emojis that have never been seen before, which are the ones that have generated the most interest among Internet users. These are the following:

  • A face with lines that indicate it is moving its head vertically, as if stating something.
  • A face with lines that indicate it is moving its head horizontally, as if denying something.
  • A phoenix red and orange.
  • A limevery similar to lemon, but green in color.
  • A brown mushroomwhich adds to the red poisonous mushroom with white dots.
  • A broken chainwhich complements the unbroken chain that already existed.
New emojis in iOS 17.4

More news from iOS 17.4

Emojis are not the only thing that comes with the renewed iPhone software. This update has a wide variety of new features, and some of them have the objective of complying with the Digital Markets Law of the European Union.

Among the functionalities that stand out the most is the possibility of download applications in alternative app stores to the App Storethe option to install non-Safari web browsers or set up a contactless payment app with an alternative payment method.

Likewise, the apple brand has introduced the transcripts on its Apple Podcast platform, so that users can read sound programs instead of listening to them. This tool, at the moment, is only enabled in English, French, German and Spanish.

In case you want to use the Wallet app, Internet users must grant permission for Apple to provide transaction data (always anonymously). They have also released new apps to control the car in CarPlay.

Regarding Apple Assistant, Siriwith iOS 17.4 you can read iMessage conversations in several languages, among which is Spanish. In this way, consumers will be able to find out everything that has been written to them without having to read it.

How to download the latest iOS update?

To get the 118 new emojis and the rest of the functions that come with iOS 17.4, Internet users only have to update their devices from the settings of their iPhone phone. Once there, they will have to select the ‘General’ section and click on ‘Software Update’ to begin the process.

After the update is loaded, you may need to restart your phone for all the new features to load.

It should be noted that iOS 17.4 is only available from iPhone XS and XR onwards. Apple phones that were launched before these models do not allow further updates.

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