iOS 17: 17 Essential Tips and Hidden Features You Need to Master!

ios 17 17 essential tips and hidden features you need to master!
ios 17 17 essential tips and hidden features you need to master!

Certainly, let’s expand on these 17 hidden features and tips in iOS 17, providing more context and details for each one.

Turn Photos into SMS Stickers:

Apple’s iOS 17 introduces a fun feature that lets you turn subjects cut out from your photos into stickers to enhance your SMS conversations. This builds upon the quick clipping function introduced in iOS 16. To create a sticker, open an image in the Photos app, then long-press on the subject you want to cut out.
Once you’ve made the selection, an options bubble appears, and from there, you can select “Add sticker.” You also have the option to add effects to your sticker. These custom stickers can then be used in the iOS Messages app, adding a personal touch to your conversations.

Activate Standby Mode:

iOS 17 allows your iPhone to function as an alarm clock when you leave it to charge, creating a convenient bedside companion. To activate Standby mode, simply position your iPhone horizontally, in landscape mode, and make sure it’s upright with the edge facing downward.
While it’s ideal to use a stand to hold your iPhone in this position, you can still use a regular charging cable. Standby mode activates automatically when your device is charging, providing a simple and effective way to use your iPhone as an alarm clock.

Screen Distance Alert:

Apple has introduced a feature in iOS 17 to promote healthy smartphone usage. It can alert you when you’re holding your iPhone too close to your face, which is a common habit, especially when using the device in bed. This feature aims to reduce the risk of straining your eyes.
To enable the Screen Distance Alert, navigate to the iOS Settings app, go to the Screen Time menu, and access the Screen Distance section. After a few simple taps, this feature, which relies on Face ID, becomes active and will notify you when necessary. However, it’s essential to hold your device at a reasonable distance to avoid constant alerts.

Automatically Remove 2FA Codes in Mail and Messages:

Many people use two-factor authentication (2FA) to secure their online accounts. However, manually deleting 2FA codes from emails or messages after using them can be cumbersome. iOS 17 simplifies this process by introducing a feature that automatically removes these codes.
To enable it, navigate to Settings, then Passwords, and enter the Password Options menu. In the Validation Codes section, toggle on the “Automatically Eliminate” option. With this setting activated, any validation codes you receive in Mail or Messages will be deleted immediately after use through the autofill feature.

Quick Photo Crop:

Viewing photos in the iOS Photos app often prompts users to zoom in for a better look or to improve framing. iOS 17 makes the process of cropping photos on the fly much more convenient.
When you zoom in on an image, a crop button appears at the top right of the screen. By tapping this button, you can instantly crop the image as it’s displayed on the screen, making it simpler and quicker to achieve the desired framing. After cropping, you can confirm your proportions with a tap.
These five features are just the beginning of the many hidden functions and tips that iOS 17 brings to your iPhone. Let’s delve into the remaining twelve features:

Create Profiles in Safari:

iOS 17 enhances the Safari browser by allowing you to create usage profiles. This feature is particularly useful if you use your iPhone for both personal and professional purposes. By creating profiles, you can keep your browsing separate and organized.
To set up profiles in Safari, open the iOS Settings app, go to Safari, and scroll down to the Profiles section. You can create and customize profiles to suit different contexts, streamlining your browsing experience.
Start Multiple Timers:

iOS 17 makes cooking and time management more convenient by allowing you to start multiple timers simultaneously. Previously, you could only use one timer at a time. After starting your first timer, tap the “+” button displayed at the top right of the screen to begin a second, third, and so on. This feature is handy for multitasking and keeping track of multiple tasks or cooking processes.

Ring Your Lost Apple Watch:

If you own an Apple Watch, you’ve likely experienced the challenge of locating it at home. iOS 17 introduces a feature that lets you ring your connected watch remotely. To use this feature, add the “Make my Apple Watch ring” shortcut to your iOS Control Center. Then, when you’re looking for your Apple Watch, simply access the Control Center and tap the appropriate button to make your watch emit a sound, helping you locate it quickly.

Block Display of Sensitive Content:

iOS 17 enhances privacy by introducing the ability to detect and block obscene content in various apps. This feature allows users to prevent the accidental display of sensitive content, offering greater control over the content they view.
To activate this feature, go to Settings, navigate to Privacy and Security, and enter the Sensitive Content section. From there, you can enable the option and select the specific applications and services for which you want to apply this protective measure.

Protect Safari Incognito with Face ID:

For users who value privacy, iOS 17 provides an option to lock access to tabs opened in private browsing mode in Safari. This feature adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that no one else can access your incognito tabs when your iPhone is unlocked.
To set up this protection, go to Settings, access Safari, and go to Privacy and Security. Enable the option that requires the use of Face ID to unlock private browsing. This ensures that your private browsing sessions remain truly private.

Create a Custom Voice:

iOS 17 introduces an impressive accessibility feature known as Personal Voice. This feature is primarily designed to assist individuals facing speech disabilities. It allows users to record their voice and then use synthesized versions of their voice in iOS.
To create a personalized voice, go to Settings, navigate to Accessibility, and find the Speaking section. Enter the Personal Voice menu and follow the instructions to record your voice by reading 150 sentences aloud. The process takes approximately 15 minutes and, at present, is available only in English. Once you’ve recorded the required phrases, iOS 17 will generate your personalized synthetic voice locally on your iPhone. This process can take several hours, so it’s best to leave your iPhone charging, ideally overnight, as the synthesis requires the device to be locked.

Once the personalized voice is created, it becomes the voice your iPhone uses when utilizing the Live Speech function, which can be found in Settings > Accessibility > Live Speech. This feature ensures that individuals with speech impairments can continue to communicate effectively using their own voice, enhancing accessibility for those who rely on it.

Create Personalized Posters for Contacts:

One of the more visually engaging features introduced in iOS 17 is the ability to create personalized posters for contacts. These posters display in full screen when you receive a call from the associated contact.
To personalize a contact’s card, locate the contact and press the Edit button at the top right. Then, press the Edit button beneath the contact’s image. You can choose from various poster types and further customize them with an image from your photos, a memoji, or their monogram, adding a unique touch to your contact list.

Set Up New Ringtones:

For those who still enjoy using ringtones, iOS 17 comes with a welcome addition of 24 new ringtones. Apple hasn’t introduced new ringtones to this extent since iOS 7 in 2013, providing users with fresh options to personalize their devices.
To explore and select these new ringtones, go to Settings > Sounds and Vibrations > Ringtones. You can choose from a variety of sounds to make your iPhone’s audio experience unique.

Share Passwords Easily:

iOS 17 simplifies the process of sharing passwords stored in your access keychain with family members or trusted individuals. This feature is particularly useful when multiple people share accounts for services like streaming platforms.
To share a password, navigate to iOS Settings, then to Passwords, and press the “Share passwords with your family” option. You can customize a group name, invite family members, and select which usernames and passwords you want to share. To benefit from this feature, ensure that all participants have updated their devices to iOS 17.

Leave Video Messages in FaceTime:

FaceTime in iOS 17 now allows you to leave video messages when your calls go unanswered or are declined. This feature is akin to leaving voicemail messages during traditional phone calls, ensuring your messages are heard.
If your FaceTime call isn’t answered or is declined, you’ll see a “Record Video” button. Tapping it enables you to record a video message and send it to the recipient. You can review the message before sending it, enhancing your communication options in FaceTime.

Enable Experimental Safari Features:

Just like popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox, Safari in iOS 17 includes experimental features hidden within a secret menu. These features offer users the opportunity to test new functionalities.
To access the experimental features, navigate to Settings, then open Safari. Scroll to the bottom of the page and access the Advanced menu. Here, you’ll find the hidden “Flags” section, where you can enable or disable various experimental features to tailor your browsing experience.

In conclusion, iOS 17 is packed with a multitude of features and enhancements, some of which might not be immediately apparent. These 17 hidden features and tips provide users with newfound capabilities, improved customization, enhanced privacy, and accessibility options, making the iOS experience richer and more versatile. Whether you’re a casual user or a power user, exploring these features can help you make the most of your iPhone running iOS 17.

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