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iOS 16 Users Complain About Battery Draining And Slow “Search” Feature

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Apple blocked the downgrade to iOS 15.6.1 last Monday (19), and that may not be good news for those who have upgraded to iOS 16. Users are complaining that the new version of the operating system is affecting the autonomy of the iPhone causing the battery to drain for no apparent reason.

Problems have been reported on the web over the past few days, less than two weeks after the stable release of iOS 16. In addition to battery drain, users also claim that the iPhone’s “Search” feature — accessed by swiping down on the screen initial — is too slow and may take up to ten seconds to display search results.

battery drain

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The public approached Apple’s support page on Twitter to ask about the autonomy issues. “iOS 16 really tricked us with the new Lock Screen, but it killed our batteries,” said one of the users. “iOS 16 is a great update, but it’s killing my iPhone battery,” reports another profile.

And as is usual for Apple, the problem spawned memes on the social network:

It’s common for software updates to cause changes to your device’s battery life — and not always for the better. iOS 15 also suffered from this type of complaint, but received fixes in a later update. For now, users report that iOS 16 drains a lot of power even when the phone is idle.

Slow on “Search”

Another complaint refers to a bug that causes slowness when using “Search”, the iPhone’s search engine that allows finding applications installed on the system, internet search results, application store, maps, among others. In some cases, there is a lot of latency; in others, the feature simply does not work.

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One of the site’s forum members MacRumors detailed his experience, reporting that he had been experiencing slowness in “Search” since iOS 15.6, and in the expectation that the bug would be fixed in iOS 16, noted that the problem has worsened in the new version of the software.

I even tried resetting the phone to factory settings and restoring data via iCloud, hoping that would solve the problem. It didn’t.

Apple has not commented on complaints from users who have upgraded to iOS 16. The company is already testing iOS 16.1 as a minor update that, as always, aims to fix minor bugs and bring security improvements to the iPhone, but there is no data. that show possible solutions to the mentioned problems.

iOS 16 Users Complain About Battery Draining And Slow Search

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iPhone’s “Search” feature lets you find apps, messages, websites and more (Image: Apple)

The last few months have been turbulent for the company. The iPhone 14 Pro is experiencing bugs that make the camera app take a long time to run — up to a long five seconds — and problems with the GPS function when testing the iOS 16.1 beta.

How is your experience with iOS 16? Comment below!

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(Updated September 21, 2022 at 7:44 pm)

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