iOS 16: Still battery problems

ios 16 still battery problems.png
ios 16 still battery problems.png

Weeks after the launch of iOS 16, some users are still complaining about their iPhone’s reduced battery life. And there are other unpatched bugs.


iOS 16 is currently still causing various problems in daily use for individual users. The new iPhone operating system currently available in version 16.0.2, the first version of which was released on September 12, annoys those affected with reduced battery life, problems with the Spotlight search, connection problems with CarPlay and display bugs.


The issue of battery life with new, major operating system versions has been a problem for iPhone users for years. After installation, it usually takes several days for important system processes, such as renewed Spotlight indexing and AI processes such as photos, to be completed. This can lead to the devices initially showing more battery damage than usual. However, the problem is usually resolved after a few days – with newer iPhones with faster SoCs, the processes can even be completed after hours.

However, the battery problems that have now been reported still occur weeks after iOS 16 has been installed. In some surveys, half of iOS 16 users speak of reduced battery life. In practice, however, the problem does not seem to be that widespread. iOS 16.0.2 brings no fixes for battery issues; However, iOS 16.1 is already planned for October and could solve the last problems – at least that’s what users hope.

Problems with the Spotlight system search, which some iOS 16 users have, are also annoying. The feature either fails completely – no results – or the display is severely slowed down. Again, waiting a little while for the post-install re-indexing to complete can help—however, the error should no longer appear weeks after the initial iOS 16 setup. Apple had changed the design of Spotlight – in the future the input field will be at the bottom of the screen.

The iPhone vehicle integration CarPlay can also cause problems. This can lead to connection problems under iOS 16. Unfortunately, even with CarPlay, major iOS updates regularly cause difficulties at first, since the combination of vehicle technology and iOS seems to be quite ticklish. There were also call problems with iPhone 14 models. Here, too, we have to wait for iOS 16.1. Other errors affect the screen display on some older iPhones. There is a display flickering when the screen is turned up relatively low.