iOS 16: So you can activate the haptic keyboard of the iPhone

iphone haptic keyboard.jpg
iphone haptic keyboard.jpg

Much has been made about the iOS 16 update and the various features it has to offer to all iPhone users, such as the haptic keyboard. However, there are some features that are perhaps not as talked about as some others, among them is the direct haptic feedback tool on your native keyboard. Therefore, it is worth reviewing and explaining a little about the functions of the iPhone haptic keyboard.

Third-party haptics may offer some quality, as well as Google’s Gboard, since they also include haptic feedback. However, many people in the Apple community still prefer the native iOS keyboard. One of the clearest advantages for those who prefer the native keyboard is privacy, since third parties usually have access to keyboard entries.

Despite the fact that Apple has this excellent tool available, the haptic keyboard of your iPhone with iOS 16 is disabled.

So you can activate the haptic keyboard with iOS 16

At the time of this post, the iOS 16 update is only in public beta for free or for paid developers. If you want to know more about the public beta click on this link, or the payment option, click on the following.

  • Firstly, you will need your iPhone device to be running the iOS 16 update, then proceed to go into Settings.
  • Click on Sounds and Haptics.
  • You’ll find the bottom where you’ll enter Keyboard Feedback.
  • Tap the switch next to Haptic to launch your haptic keyboard on iPhone.

Below you can see a representation of the activation of the haptic keyboard with the iOS 16 update:

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After getting your haptic keyboard activated and If you prefer no sound effect with keyboard feedback, you can mute it at any time. If you choose to differentiate the keyboard’s audible feedback, then haptic keyboard feedback works with your iPhone even if it’s in ring or silent mode.

If you’re still curious about the “Haptics” section of your iPhone, you’ll notice a few other options on the main settings page under Sounds & Haptics. In this way you will be able to Play Haptics with chime, Play Haptics in silent mode, as well as other options. However, they are not options that turn your haptic keyboard on or off.