iOS 16 Nagging Copy and Paste, Apple Admits Mistake: “Prompt Should Be Revised”


A safety measure that is a nuisance for more than a few. It is the new prompt that Apple introduced on iOS 16 for allow or deny an app copy and paste from another application. Often you don’t think enough about it, but giving an app permission to paste something also gives you permission to access the clipboard itself, where there may be trivia or sensitive information like a password.

For this Apple on iOS 16 has inserted a dialog box in which the user must confirm to want really grant to the app x to paste from the app y. Once the authorization has been granted, the choice is stored for subsequent times, so the “boredom” is limited to the hours and days immediately following the installation of the new operating system, when you use all the apps and iOS stores the preferences, as well as when you paste something for the first time after downloading a new app.


But if the apps in memory are several must be done several choices. And this is what has caused more than a few boredom to some, so much so that a reader of has wrote an email directly to Craig Federighiwho oversees the development of iOS and macOS, and Tim Cook, Apple’s number one. An answer is very unlikely, and in fact neither of them explained anything. But the user couldn’t know that a delegate would reply.

The senior manager Ron Huang he said he was happy for the feedback and admitted that something is wrong. “It is not a behavior that we had foreseen” wrote Huang. “Apple undoubtedly needs to review the way the measure was conceived”he added, accepting the suggestion of one settings section to choose from everytime which app to grant access to the clipboard, perhaps anticipating the appearance of the prompt or returning to a choice you have regretted. A bit like it already happens with the section Notifications where permits are managed comfortably, without hassle.

Huang closed the reply mail with one Stay tuned that lets imagine a corrective on board the next iOS 16 releases, when, however, those who have installed the system for some time will already have the dozens of prompts of the first days behind them.

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