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iOS 16 includes the new iCloud Shared Photo Library

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Apple unveiled some big updates at its WWDC 2022 keynote. One of them is the iCloud photo Library Sharing feature, which you can find in the iOS 16 update. This is a feature totally focused on convenience, making it possible for you to share your photos with your acquaintances in a widely accessible way. Apple thinks that this way, if you are on a trip with your relatives, you will no longer have to wait for them to take a long time to send you the photos.

Shared Photo Library, a function for your family photos

This new feature is totally designed to be able to share the photos you want from iCloud. The company is selling the iCloud Photo Shared Library strategy as a family system. Through this tool, you have the possibility that all your relatives have the same permissions and thus select which photos they want to share.. It should be noted that they can be images taken within a specific date or if a family member is in the photo.

In addition and to make the process easier, you just have to program the function so that the selection of photos you want can be shared automatically in the iCloud Shared Photo Library, happening when you have up to six (including yourself) of your relatives close enough.

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In the words of Craig Federighi, now with all the changes to the lock screen introducing mechanics that make your experience more useful, personal, and up-close, it’s totally helpful that iCloud Photo Library Sharing supports these changes. Now families will have a faster and more efficient way to share memories made with their Apple device.

According to the company, users will now have the opportunity to be much more selective with the content they share. The possibilities of choosing between photos taken previously or sharing those found on a certain date. Even, if they wish, it can be depending on the people or person who is in the photograph. Photos can also be sent automatically if the user allows it through a button that will be in the Camera app.

Finally, there will also be certain recommendations made by device intelligence for photos that include someone from iCloud Shared Photo Library. Thus, users who are in the Shared Photo Library will be able to perform various actions such as deleting, adding, editing or marking their favorite files. You will be able to find Memories and Featured Photos as a new modality, making the memories vivid for all the members.

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