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iOS 16, Google widget coming to the lock screen! What and how they are

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Are you ready to revolutionize the lock screen of your iPhone just updated to iOS 16? One of the more novelties evident of the new version of Apple’s operating system consists in fact in the possibility of customize the Lock Screen with a digital clock of different fonts and colors by adding a series of widget that help us to have all the information we need under control without the need to unlock the smartphone. The widgets for now are not many, but they are destined to grow in number shortly.

Starting with those of the google appwhich the Mountain View company says is coming soon, “over the next few weeks“.

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You will soon be able to do a Google search even faster than you can now: the widget in the Lock Screen will provide instant access to the web via text, voice or camera. And it can also be translated into another language.


Accessing Chrome will be quick, as will starting a search by voice or opening a page in incognito mode. Do you want a break? There is also Dino.


The same goes for Drive: all your documents are even more easily accessible directly from the Lock Screen.

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The information shown by Maps on the lock screen relates to real-time traffic updates, journey times and the search for points of interest. To access the app just tap on the widget.


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The number of unread emails is displayed, but customization also includes the ability to include or exclude certain categories of messages.


Finally, even the news can be read quickly from the lock screen: if a news is of interest, then just tap on it to open the dedicated application.

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