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iOS 16: Apple fixed the shaky image problem faster than expected

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The iOS 16.0.2 patch came out earlier than expected, and that’s good. There was an urgent need to fix the shaky image issue, which risked damaging the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.


The release of iOS 16 didn’t go without a hitch, to say the least. Jittery photo viewfinder, squeaky optical module, slow-to-start camera, irritating copy-paste. The list of bugs suffered by iPhone 14 owners spoiled the party. Apple has understood this and hastened to release a update that was only expected for next week.

The iOS 16.0.2 update will notably correct the camera problems reported by many users of the iPhone 14 Pro. The latter complained in particular of a disturbing squeak and a shaky image in SnapChat, Instagram and TikTok, among other messaging applications. Impossible under these conditions to obtain sharp shots. The problem of software origin created another at the hardware level: these tremors damage the components of the camera. An accumulation of anomalies which is a task especially when it affects what is supposed to be the flagship of the Cupertino company.

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iOS 16.0.2 update puts an end to camera shake

The patch addresses another, slightly less severe, but still annoying bug that affected users who attempted to use the copy-and-paste feature. iOS 16 continually asked them for permission to perform this operation in what seemed like an endless loop. Which could actually become prohibitive. Other Apple customers have also testified to the disappearance of the VoiceOver feature after a restart of the iPhone 14 Pro. The latter being essential for blind and visually impaired people, the apple firm had to act quickly if it did not want to cut itself off from such an audience.

Some iPhones had their touchscreen become unresponsive after a repair. This issue, which only affected certain iPhone Xs, iPhone XRs and iPhone 11s, is now resolved with this update. All the problems of iOS 16 are not yet solved, far from it. We are particularly thinking of motorists who wish to make calls with their iPhone 14 through CarPlay. Some testify to a drop in the volume of the conversation which simply makes it impossible to use the smartphone with the embedded version of iOS.

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