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iOS 16: Apple confirms which iPhones do not support battery percentage

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The release of iOS 16 brought with it several new features, including the unexpected return of a feature that has been awaited for years, namely the inclusion of the battery percentage in the foreground in the status bar.

This option was first spotted within the beta program in early August and took everyone by surprise as it was not expected that Apple would return to the issue after archiving it for 5 years, since the launch of the iPhone X. in 2017, yet so it was, albeit not without some controversy.

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The first concerns the fact that the new battery percentage cannot be activated on all models equipped with a notch. In particular, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini are the only iPhones a not be able to view the new icon. This had already emerged during the beta version, but Apple has further confirmed the matter in a support page published in the past few hours, where it is confirmed which smartphones cannot access the function.


The new icon only changes below 20% remaining charge

Unfortunately, no explanation is given regarding the causes of this choice, which is why the discourse is still linked to the field of speculation. According to what has been hypothesized, it seems that the problem is to be found in the low definition of iPhone displays with LCD (hence XR and 11) and in the too small screen size of mini modelsaspects that would cause an unclear display of the new icon.

On the other hand, the new icon is itself at the center of various criticisms, since its implementation eliminates the visual information on the state of charge of the battery, since the icon remains full until the percentage is drops below 20%. Apple has not corrected this during the beta, but we hope that it can come back with the next updates of the operating system.

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