iOS 16, after 3 months is installed in 70% of compatible devices


Almost 3 months have passed since September 12, the days when iOS 16 was released in public form, and now that the new anniversary is approaching, we discover that its installation rate has been very high, so much so that it is currently present in almost 70% of compatible devices.

In reality, the data is not official but is provided to us by a third-party analysis site, MixPanel, according to which the situation is much better than that of iOS 15, if compared over time consistently. It should be noted that Apple periodically shares adoption numbers for its latest operating system, but has not yet done so for iOS 16.

So we come to the data Mixpanelaccording to which iOS 16 is installed on 68.90% of devices, with iOS 15 still quite present at 24.82%, followed by older versions in around 7% of iPhones. Since its release iOS 16 has presented some bugs, such as those relating to autonomy, the camera and more, but the updates have arrived quickly and even the most reluctant have finally decided on the adoption.

Apple is expected to release iOS 16.2 later this year and there will be many new features for iPhone users: any anticipation? These include Apple Music Sing karaoke, enhanced data protection, new lock screen widgets, new always-on display options on iPhone 14 Pro, and more.

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