iOS 16.2 arrives next week: These are the news we expect


iOS 16.2 it will be the next big update to the iPhone’s operating system and is expected sometime next week. iOS 16.1 brought some big changes to the iPhone when it launched a few weeks ago, but the new update will bring a new app along with other improvements.

These are the news that we expect in iOS 16.2 according to what we are seeing in the latest betas, since the final changes will not be known until it is officially launched.

Apple Music Sing

Apple Music Sing is a new built-in karaoke mode for Apple Music users and is scheduled to arrive later this month. It is likely that it will arrive with the iOS 16.2 update. This functionality takes advantage of the processing power of the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV to remove vocals from tracks, so it won’t be available on all devices that receive iOS 16.2.

iOS 16.2 Advanced Data Protection

Advanced Data Protection brings end-to-end encryption to Apple’s iCloud storage service, which is a huge benefit for iPhone users. While it won’t encrypt Mail, Contacts, or Calendar data, it’s an extra level of security for much of your most sensitive information.

Always-on display improvements

iOS 16 added Always-On Display to iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, allowing users to see the time, sports scores, Calendar notifications, and more—all without unlocking their phones. Now, iOS 16.2 is expected to allow turning off the wallpaper and/or notifications on the always-on display.

Changes to AirDrop

AirDrop allows you to share files from one iPhone to another, without the need for cables. Now Apple is changing things up by limiting the ability to receive an “Everyone” AirDrop to only work for 10 minutes.

This change is not without controversy. Initially, Apple made the change only in China, reportedly at the request of the Chinese government to limit the ability of protesters to communicate. It now appears that you can only receive an AirDrop from anyone for 10 minutes at a time.

App Freeform

Freeform is an app that Apple first introduced during its Worldwide Developers Conference in June. It’s a brainstorming and collaboration tool, and it works like a kind of mobile whiteboard where people can work together in real time. Freeform appears to be primarily targeting the iPad, taking advantage of the larger screen real estate on this device. However, Freeform is designed to work on various Apple devices, so it’s also included in both iOS 16.2 and the new macOS Ventura beta.

Dynamic Island Update

Dynamic Island will now keep the Wi-Fi icon and cellular signal bars in view while playing music on iPhone 14 Pro.

Previously, if a user was listening to music on the iPhone 14 Pro, the Dynamic Island would display the track that was playing along with the battery icon and the Wi-Fi or signal icon. With this update, the island will be reduced in width and all three icons will be visible when playing music. It will also have a fancy animation that locks it in place.

Extended support for ProMotion

iPhones with 120Hz displays — that is, the various iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro models — receive a performance boost. Animated layout changes now occur at 120Hz on ProMotion displays.

New architecture of the Casa app

The Home app has received a lot of attention in iOS 16, first with an all-new design that makes it easier to see and control your smart home accessories. The iOS 16.1 update brought support for Matter, an interoperability protocol backed by Google, Amazon, and Apple that should help different devices work together.

The changes keep coming in iOS 16.2, which is going to introduce a new architecture for the Home app. Apple says the change will bring faster, more reliable performance, though we’ll have to see it in action before we can see what that means for everyday use.

Changes to Live Activities

Live Activities are alerts that appear on your lock screen (or around Dynamics Island if you have an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max) that show real-time updates for things like sports scores, delivery statuses, timers, etc. Apparently in iOS 16.2 Live Activities will be able to request updates at shorter intervals, which would increase the frequency of alert updates. Apparently, this feature is not yet available in iOS 16.2 Beta 1.

Accidental SOS emergency call notification

If you accidentally turn on the SOS emergency call feature on your iPhone, iOS 16.2 adds a way to report an inadvertent call.

Sleep and medication widgets

iOS 16.2 adds a Sleep widget to the lock screen, which allows users to view their sleep tracking data from the lock screen. The home screen sleep widget has been around since iOS 15, but now that the lock screen is becoming an integral part of iOS, the sleep widget is moving there as well. iOS 16.2 adds a Medications widget that allows you to track your medication from the lock screen. If you take a fair amount of medication, this can be a very useful feature given the complexity of many medication schedules.

Custom accessibility mode

In its continuing effort to ensure that anyone can use an iPhone, Apple is working on a new Custom Accessibility mode that can drastically simplify the design of iOS. Activating this mode replaces the default layout of the iOS home screen with a simpler one made up of a large grid of icons. Unlocking the phone can also be set to require a touch and hold, and no matter where you are on the phone, there’s always a Back button at the bottom of the screen.

There are also options to enlarge the text on the screen, disable the volume buttons and make changes to individual apps and the iOS Emergency SOS service.

Improvements to Messages search and other features

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will allow you to search for photos in Messages with keywords based on the content (ie dog, cat, etc.).

It will also bring SharePlay support to GameCenter so you can play with other people while you’re on a FaceTime call with them.

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