iOS 16.0.3: Apple is preparing another bug fix update

ios 1603 apple is preparing another bug fix update.jpg
ios 1603 apple is preparing another bug fix update.jpg

Even before iOS 16.1, Apple could insert another intermediate update step. This is what log entries from websites say. The need is definitely there.


While iOS 16.1, which promises a number of new functions, is already being tested intensively as a beta, Apple seems to be considering putting a bug fix stop on its iPhone operating system in advance. Various websites report visiting devices running iOS 16.0.3, a version that has not yet been officially released; iOS is currently 16.0.2. The corresponding designation can be found in log files with which the Safari browser reports.


Apple presented the first updates at the start of its iPhone 14 generation this year. iOS 16.0.1 had to be imported immediately after unpacking in order to fix problematic errors that, in the worst case, could disrupt the commissioning of the devices. On 22.9. iOS 16.0.2 then followed, which, among other things, fixed extremely annoying camera problems and aggressive copy & paste security measures.

However, not all problems have been solved yet. There are reports of display flickering when the ambient light is low, CarPlay connection problems and battery problems. Recently, there have been reports of crashes in the mail app and errors when editing videos in so-called cinematic mode. Problems with the Spotlight system search, which some iOS 16 users have, are also annoying. The feature either fails completely – no results – or the display is severely slowed down.

It’s not new that Apple updates fresh major iOS releases fairly quickly. So MacRumors recalled on Monday that also iOS 15.0.1 and iOS 15.0.2 only ten days in a row were released and there were only eight days between iOS 11.0.2 and 11.0.3. Alternatively, Apple could of course also wait for iOS 16.1, which is already in the advanced beta process.

Among other things, iOS 16.1 should include support for the new HomeKit standard Matter, and for the first time Fitness+ can also cope without an Apple Watch. In addition, live activities are to be unlocked, the battery indicator is improved, apps can be started faster and an eco-loading mode is planned in the USA. iOS 16.1 has now reached its fourth beta.

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