iOS 15 on 63% of all iPhones in circulation. iOS 14 on 30%


72% of all iPhones introduced in the last four years use iOS 15. 26% still have iOS 14. Considering all the iPhones in circulation, even over 4 years old, the percentages drop to 63% for iOS 15 but they rise to 30% for iOS 14.

These data are the official ones released by Apple regarding the adoption rate of the versions of its operating system currently available, the first since the release of iOS 15, from which it emerges that there is still 2% of the iPhones arrived in the last 4 years that use a version older than iOS 14, a percentage that rises to 7% considering all active iPhones. The data was collected by Apple considering the devices that have carried out transactions on the App Store until last January 11th.

Regarding iPadOS, official data show that 49% of all users use iPadOS 15, 37% iPadOS 14 and 14% an older version. These percentages rise to 57%, relative to iPadOS 15, for devices introduced in the last four years, and to 39% for iPadOS 14, but, of course, they drop to 4% for previous versions.

Unlike in previous years, adoption of iOS 15 is going a little slower, which could be due to several factors. Among them, the release of iOS 14.8, which took place just a week before iOS 15, to which Apple has continued to provide important security updates. Last October, we recall, iOS 14.8.1 was released.

Apple, however, is now pushing users to upgrade. The update to ‌iOS 15, in fact, is no longer shown as a footnote in the “Software update” section and Apple has also stopped releasing security updates for iOS 14. Users who want to have the latest security protections must upgrade to iOS 15‌. On an ‌iPhone‌ still with iOS 14.8, in fact, the iOS 14.8.1 update is no longer available and only iOS 15.2.1 is offered as an installation option.

Furthermore, not all the functions that were announced at the presentation stage arrived immediately on iOS and iPadOS 15. These include SharePlay which arrived with version 15.1, released last October, and the “Privacy Report for Apps”, which arrived with iOS 15.2 in December along with other features. Universal Control is still expected on iPadOS 15 and it shouldn’t arrive until next spring.