IOS 15.2.1 now available with bug fixes for CarPlay and …

logo ios 15 con fondo.jpg
logo ios 15 con fondo.jpg

Apple has just released iOS version 15.2.1 which involves the release of bug fixes for CarPlay and Messages. But it also fixes the HomeKit denial of service vulnerability. Almost a month after launching iOS 15.2 is released this new version that you must install as soon as you get the chance.

iOS 15.2.1 fixes in CarPlay, Messages and HomeKit

The fixes that Apple includes in this new update are essentially the fixes to various issues that existed and that led to some of the following users:

  • Correction on the possibility that messages do not upload the photos sent with an iCloud link
  • The error in third-party CarPlay applications do not respond to input
  • Notable security update for patch a HomeKit vulnerability which could make your iPhone or iPhone crash repeatedly.

HomeKit bug was first known thanks to security researcher Trevor Spiniolas. This one detailed in a post that you could rename the name of a HomeKit-ready device. Names with more than 500,000 characters were included, which crashed the application and caused devices to reboot over and over again.

This HomeKit bug the American company had known him since August, but it hadn’t released any solution yet even having created iOS 15.2 version and released a month ago. But hey, looking on the good side, because you always have to be optimistic, we already have the problem solved. Of course, as long as you install this new version of iOS 15.2.1

You can update the iPhone to iOS 15.2.1 by going to the Settings app, choosing General, and then choosing Software Update. The build number for the update is 19C63 and it weighs over 900MB in size. But it is worth the wait.

It is always advisable to update the devices with the versions that Apple is launching. Sometimes they are only minor corrections and insignificant improvements, but they always contain security improvements that make the privacy and security of the devices greater. That’s why you always have to update. Don’t think about it too much and now that you are at home in peace, it is time to update to this new version and eliminate some annoying problems.