iOS 12.4: An old vulnerability, a new jailbreak

Iphone Xs Jailbreak.jpg
Iphone Xs Jailbreak.jpg

Deafening will have been the outburst within the team that develops Apple’s software when watching the news. Is that incredibly the latest iOS update doesn’t contain a previous patch, which was detected over the weekend by a group of computer scientists who quickly set out to search for the weak link. The point is that they succeeded and they got something that hadn’t happened in years: a new jailbreak public.

Apparently, version 12.4 (released in July) reintroduced a serious security bug that was fixed in iOS 12.3. Which means not only a step back, but also a terrible risk for all users of an updated iPhone.

The latest iOS update is vulnerable and allows a new jailbreak …

“Because 12.4 is the latest version of iOS available and the only one that Apple allows to update, over the next few days (until 12.4.1 is released) all devices of this version (or anything below 12.3) are jailbreakeable, which means that they are also vulnerable “ explained Jonathan Levin, an iOS researcher. And he added that this weakness “can be exploited with code that was found more than 100 days ago.” Very serious.

The most striking thing is that, very few days ago, Apple itself challenged “hackers” to find vulnerabilities in the iPhone. And now this, a ball against. Because for years, those on the block have fought with some degree of success -and through continuous updates- to jailbreak, in fact, reducing these practices, which especially harm developers.

iOS 12.4 reintroduced a serious security bug and could be used for bad purposes …

So, the grossness of this mistake is to grab your head. And while Apple has not given answers yet, an update is more than likely soon.

In your post, the anonymous Pwn20wnd is encouraged to maintain that “It is very likely that someone is already exploiting this error with bad intentions.” AND Security experts warn Apple users to be careful about which apps they download.