Invest strategically: How to trade on the stock market


Investing in stocks has been a worthwhile endeavor over the past few decades, but how do you get started as a stock market beginner? In this workshop you will learn about two interesting stock strategies. Find the right portfolio provider and use special software to discover the right stocks.

To clear up a false assumption right from the start: There is no one stock that will make everyone happy. Thousands of listed companies around the world vie for the favor of dozens of different types of investors. Some of them are risk-takers, others are risk-averse, many invest for years or decades, while others speculate for days or weeks. So, at the beginning of the journey into the world of corporate investments, you first have to take a journey into your own mental life: What type of stock am I?

In order to maintain peace of mind when investing in the stock market, you need to find out what suits your circumstances, your character and your age. There are companies that develop innovative products but are not yet making a profit. Investing in such a company can become very lucrative if suddenly the entire world demands these products, sales and profits skyrocket, and the price of the stock increases tenfold. However, if the innovative product turns out to be a flop, the shareholders are threatened with a total loss of the sum invested. As an investor, you must be aware of such opportunities and risks. If the zigzag course of the investment keeps you up at night, it is not serving anyone and you should say goodbye to the stock.

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