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Introducing BolsaZone, a unique service in Spain for experienced investors

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After many months of work, we have just launched Bolsazone.com, a project in which more than 600 subscribers and that it is managed by five people who have an average of 17 years of experience operating in financial markets. In the first six months of 2020, the average profitability achieved exceeds 30%.

At ADSLZone we have seen companies like Tesla or Netflix that in just a few years they have multiplied their value by 20 or 30 times. We have also seen how Apple, Amazon or Microsoft have been going up and up without stopping as their products and services were conquering the market. A past bull it is very easy to see how a certain company was going to be able to multiply its value, however, with work, dedication and above all with knowledge, it is possible to identify those leading companies that have just debuted in the markets today and after several years they can multiply their value.

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It all started in the Instagram profile of @JaviZone, founder of the ADSLZone group that began a few years ago to talk about companies where he was investing through stories and tweets. Many of them have multiplied by three or four their value in just a couple of years.

Precisely this activity in social networks allowed the current BolsaZone team to meet on the networks and later in person was when the project began to take shape. A work of several years in which in the networks it has been possible to follow to the millimetre all the movements that have generated very important capital gains.

What exactly is BolsaZone?

It is a premium service for experienced investors who provides investment ideas in real-time through a Telegram chat and offers technical and fundamental analysis of the most disruptive companies. In the next link is the full-service detail It has been in beta operation since January and in June it gave its official starting gun welcoming more than 600 people who have signed up from different countries.

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In addition, the Bolsazone team continuously tracks IPO (Companies that go public) and try to detect that early phase in companies that tomorrow will become a benchmark worldwide. It also tries to detect companies with entry barriers and competitive advantages.

Example of June 25 investment idea in DADA. At the close on July 10 accumulates more than 45% revaluation.

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Selling idea in Peloton of half the position in a company that continues to grow on the stock market. In the case of NIU, profitability is also being spectacular.

Service price

The cost of BolsaZone is 1000 euros per year and includes exclusive access to all the premium content on the web and access to the three chats that are enabled.

  • Investment ideas: where alerts are launched in real-time
  • General news: from Monday to Sunday the most relevant events that affect the market and the companies where BolsaZone has invested are discussed.
  • Chat for the community: space for subscribers where they exchange knowledge and answer questions.

Is BolsaZone a suitable service for me?

It is important to keep in mind that to be part of the community you must have hours of flight operating on the stock market and that we also recommend using “Interactive Brokers” as the most complete tool on the market. It is also necessary to have a reasonable capital since it does not make sense to pay € 1000 per Bolsazone and then invest € 3000 in the shares that appear. Here are some of the open positions that we have from 2020.

In short, if you are interested in learning more about the service, we leave you several relevant links where you can see the opinions of subscribers, the founding team that manages the project, and open and closed positions with the profitability achieved.

  • The founding team of Bolsazone and Curriculum
  • Opinions and feedback from the community on Twitter
  • Register in Bolsazone

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