Interview: How IT professionals can negotiate a higher salary

how it professionals can negotiate a higher salary
how it professionals can negotiate a higher salary

The shortage of skilled workers is particularly noticeable in IT. Companies are desperately looking for specialists and some positions often remain unfilled for months. What is a nightmare for companies can be used by employees for their own benefit: They are in an optimal position to renegotiate their salary with their current employer or to change companies with a big jump in salary.

Despite the good starting position, you shouldn’t just barge into your boss’s office and state unrealistic salary expectations. IT professionals also have to prepare well for a salary discussion – regardless of whether the admin or the software architect wants more money. In an interview with heise online, recruiting expert Andreas Sauer explains what IT specialists need to pay attention to when negotiating. He is a department manager at the personnel service provider Hays and his team is looking for IT specialists and managers for its customers.

In the interview, Sauer describes how professionals in the IT industry can objectively evaluate their performance and successfully prepare for salary negotiations. It also shows what IT professionals can expect in terms of salary increases when changing employers and how you should react if your boss rejects your salary request.

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