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InterSEA, the free app for sign language interpreters

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This year an app was born that can help a lot in the integration of people with some type of hearing impairment.

Is about intersea, an android app specially designed for SEA – Signs in Action, an Argentine NGO that had the collaboration of global wizards for the development of the app.

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The idea is to connect hearing impaired with interpreters, although it is also possible to connect with sign language students. Once the connection between the users is made, assistance can be received in any type of event, from going to the doctor to holding a large conference or congress anywhere.

In the app we thus have two profiles, those who need help and those who can offer it. When we enter the app in search of a profile, we can filter by different variables, including the area or if the presence of the person is necessary, since sometimes we may need the interpreter only for one videoconference, so it can be hired from anywhere in the world.

Who can use InterSEA

On the one hand, we have those who need an interpreter for any event, whether in person (Argentina area) or virtual (worldwide).

On the other hand, we have interpreters who, finally, have a place where they can offer their services, so it helps to make themselves known and used as a regular work tool.

How to use InterSEA

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When installing it, at the moment only for android (they are already working on the iOS version), we can create an account or identify ourselves with the Google or Facebook account.

In the registration it is necessary to identify yourself with your name and surname.


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Once done, we can access the panel to request a guide, something that anyone can do, both a deaf person and a person who needs an interpreter for an event.


In the filter we have three options:

– Geographical area.
– Face-to-face or virtual mode
– Form of payment: ad honorem or paying fees.

Once filtered, we have the profile of the person with all their details and contact option.


We press the Contact button and the person will receive a notification to call us or send us a WhatsApp


Is InterSEA free?


Each interpreter sets their price, and the app does not keep any percentage (it is an agreement between two people).

Interpreters can upload their profile by providing their details, indicating whether they will charge for the service and detailing the areas in which they will work.

It is possible to find volunteers, although it is difficult to have volunteers for online jobs, since at the moment all the volunteers registered on the platform are for face-to-face services in Argentina.

You can download the app and check their social networks from linktr.ee/sea.ong.

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