Internet deployment for rural Spain: better by satellite or fiber?

internet deployment for rural spain: better by satellite or fiber?
internet deployment for rural spain: better by satellite or fiber?

internet rural area

In Spain, not everyone has the option of enjoying the best Internet connection, such as fiber optic Maximum speed. They can’t even have an ADSL connection either. To do this, operators offer 4G and 5G rates as an alternative, but the truth is that one of the great hopes of recent times is the option of contracting satellite Internet.

There are more and more offers from operators that offer satellite Internet connection, since it can reach rural areas of Spain or without fiber optic coverage. And it is that, it is clear that the network has become one of those essential elements for almost all users.

One of the main advantages of satellite internet It is the coverage that it offers to remote areas of the country or whose population is so small that the operators have not yet deployed their ultra-fast fixed broadband network. For this reason, this particular connection can be the perfect solution for all citizens of Spain to have access to the Internet.

Government satellite internet

There is no doubt that this connection in particular is one of the great alternatives for deploying the Internet to all areas of Spain. So much so that even the government of our country has chosen to offer the possibility of contracting a satellite Internet service with 100 Mbps download for 35 euros per month.

You can consult this freely from the web Connect. And for next year the connection speed will be better than 100 Mbps. And, as of January 2024, the service minimums will increase to 200 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload for all the zones integrated in the map of eligible places.

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satellite internet

With the passage of time, the use of the satellite has been decreasing in favor of using the old cable ADSL or fiber optic that has grown so much in recent years throughout the world, especially in our country. However, it becomes an ideal option to bring the Internet to rural areas.

How does this connection work?

In order to get to use this particular connection, homes need neither more nor less than a satellite dish to capture the Internet signal offered by the satellite. Just like with satellite dishes to watch pay TV. Well, in these cases the internet is received.

Therefore, the function of this satellite is to bounce the signal from the houses to the concentrators of the company that is contracted, so that the information is then sent back through the satellite. For example, if the alternative of the Government of Spain is chosen, the company in charge is Hispasat.

satellite internet

In any case, in this way it is achieved that the routers also emit a WiFi signal that the devices can use or even have the possibility of using the Ethernet ports to connect the devices by cable. And best of all, its coverage covers 98% of Spanish territoryso it is a great advantage over fiber and ADSL, as well as being an alternative for mobile connections.

The downside in this case is that the connection speed is not the fastest, as is the case with fiber optics. On the other hand, it does offer more than the old ADSL. signal latency It can be between 500 and 700 ms, which is not a problem for browsing the web, but it is for different uses such as video call apps or real-time programs such as video games. Even so, it becomes one of the best options to bring the Internet to all areas of the country.

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