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International coworking day: what is it and what technologies are implemented in those offices

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Coworking. (photo: The Journal)

The August 9 has officially become the International Day of the co-working, a date in which this new trend of shared offices is exalted, which has become fashionable after the pandemic.

Companies around the world are looking for ways to improve their workspaces. In recent years, hundreds of professions have emerged in different fields, largely driven by new technologies and Big Data, to meet the needs of an increasingly changing and technical society, while others work for health and well-being.

“The successful experience of the user is determined, not only by modern and innovative environments, but also by the adoption of fundamental technologies that allow them to work as if they were in the office but from anywhere,” he explains. Juan Pablo Villegas, multi-country director of Citrix in Latin America.

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“In that sense, desktops as a service (DaaS) are key to providing flexibility, a productive and secure digital workspace that can be accessed from any place, device and network and that empowers employees to do their best work” , he adds.

what is coworking

Coworking was originally conceived as an idea developed by freelancers for a community. In fact, companies of all sizes have invested in this type of space due to the flexibility and accessibility they provide, and the increased use of single-storey commercial spaces in this sense that are now found in many cities around the world.

For example, large companies like microsoft, eBay, LinkedInBanco Santander or Lenovo have relied on coworking spaces that First Workplaces has deployed in various locations around Latin America.

In this way, companies will be able to meet the current needs of the hybrid workforce and provide a workspace that sparks innovation and engagement, as well as employee well-being and balance.

Coworking.  (photo: ADEN International Business School)
Coworking. (photo: ADEN International Business School)

The technologies that must be implemented in all coworking

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For a coworking or hybrid workspace to thrive, it needs to be supported by a number of technologies, and for this to happen says Ricardo Sosa, co-founder of Green CSS, there are 7 technology keys:

– Digital workspace platform enables organizations to manage usage and deliver Applications Y devices to users wherever they are.

– With the video analytics technology, access control can be automated to show users moments of productivity, entertainment and relationships through the analysis of the data generated.

Video analysis technology.  (photo: Seguritecnia)
Video analysis technology. (photo: Seguritecnia)
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– Count on Broadband internet, access control, uninterruptible power supply, audio and video systems, reservation platform, support platform, printing network. The basics of network security include using a firewall and ensuring that all data passing through the router is encrypted.

– should be encouraged frequent password changes or requiring automatic monthly login updates for all of its users, as hackers can break in from within the network.

– The artificial intelligence and automation can simplify space management

– The internet of things (IoT) is transforming coworking spaces and enabling the technology needed to collect data. IoT security methods must be considered from the beginning. The hardware must be tamper-proof and dynamically testable.

employee welfare

Job changes in recent years have brought burnout to many employees and there are several companies that do not care about it.

While burnout is not a medical condition, it has the potential to negatively affect mental and physical health, leading to increased levels of anxiety and depression, poor sleep, increased fatigue, and more.

“Wellness in the workplace affects all aspects of working life, employees expect their companies to foster an environment that meets their needs and allows them to perform at their best. At WeWork, the health and safety of our members and global communities are of the utmost importance. For this reason, we continue to take measures to optimize our spaces and services, in order to guarantee that we can all continue with our tasks without worries”, explained Juan Carlos Peñaloza, country manager for WeWork Colombia.

And he concluded: “Fortunately, many companies now recognize the seriousness of the problem. Although there is no easy solution, there are many opportunities both at the level of technology and infrastructure for companies to allow their employees to work from where they feel most comfortable and happy”.

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