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Interactive map of 4G and 5G mobile coverage in Spain, with zoom

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If you want to know if a specific location in Spain has mobile coverage or not, take a look at the interactive map that they present in nPerf.

It is a map whose data comes from the nPerf application on Android, from the use made by nPerf users.

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As users use the app, coverage is updated. We just have to select the operator and zoom in to see the city or any territory that interests us.

Here you have the map:

How is the data obtained?

nPerf performs measurements by analyzing the database of users of your android app. When someone with the app goes to a specific place in Spanish territory, they will be helping to expand the information and make the maps more complete, so that all the information displayed is obtained based on a real analysis on the ground.

How are the updates carried out?

This map is not static, it is constantly updated by a bot, a program that is in charge of verifying if any information needs to be updated. The data obtained by users is shown for two years, so if a piece of data has not been updated during that time, it is deleted from the map, since it is better not to show anything than to show something false or outdated.

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Two years is a suitable plan for operators to put more antennas, for example, or to improve the existing infrastructure allowing more connections and higher access speed.

Is it reliable data?

Yes, since the measurements are made from the mobile phones of the users of the app, so there is no way to alter it. What the operators say is not taken into account, but what the users receive is.

It is important to bear in mind that the quality of the signal depends on factors that can vary from the day, the month, the hour… it is not the same to connect on a beach full of people than on an empty beach, for example, since the antennas have a limit of connections.

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On the other hand, geolocation depends on the quality of the GPS signal at that moment, so that if a user measures the quality of the Internet connection, but the GPS is not good, it may be giving data in the wrong place. To avoid that, this map only uses measurements when there is an accuracy of about 50 meters at most.

Is access to the map free?

Yes, you can zoom, navigate through it and check the Internet connection in 4G or 5G at no cost. You can enlarge the map with the existing icon in the upper right corner of the map.

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