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Intel Xeon Scalable: you will have to pay more to unlock certain features of Sapphire Rapids


With its 4th generation Xeon processors, Intel will usher in a new feature-on-demand unlocking system. A business practice that should allow companies to better control their budgets.

Intel Xeon Scalable you will have to pay more to

Intel will present its 4th generation Xeon processors, codenamed Sapphire Rapids, January 10, 2023. This component dedicated to enterprise servers brings many technical innovations, but it is in its commercial model that it is truly revolutionary. The Santa Clara founder announces the Intel On Demand Programwhich unlocks certain features of Sapphire Rapids as needed, for a fee.

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Xeon Scalable processors have a high core density and integrate six different accelerators. These extensions are dedicated to very specific configurations and are never used simultaneously. Their assembly did not go without problems. There were so many hardware bugs and failures that, according to an expert consulted by Tom’s Hardware, it took no less than 500 revisions to arrive at a workable product. This explains the delay in the Sapphire Roads, the production of which should have started in 2021.

To unlock all the features of Sapphire Rapids, companies will have to pay more

The solution proposed by Intel has its advantages: companies will only pay for the resources they use and can easily change their configuration. Until now, whether we are an individual or a company, we used to buy a processor and exploit it to its maximum, without limitation. The concept of Intel On Demand is therefore unique. He has reason to worry: will Intel one day apply the same principle to its products intended for individuals, such as the Raptor Lake?

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Note that the fifth generation of Xeon processors is also supposed to arrive in 2023. The risk that the Californian company’s products compete with each other is great. Add to this that, according to experts, the yields of Xeon Scalable chips are very bad. With a yield of 50%the components of the brand are really not models of reliability.

Source : Tom’s Hardware