Intel Unison: Control iPhones and Android phones with the PC

Use Messenger, edit photos and answer calls without having to use your smartphone: Intel’s Unison connects cell phones and notebooks.


Intel’s takeover of the Israeli software manufacturer Screenovate is bearing fruit: the US chip manufacturer intends to publish the Unison software, which is based on the system developed by Screenovate, by the end of the year. This allows iPhones or Android cell phones to be connected to a compatible Windows notebook via WLAN and Bluetooth in order to be able to control the smartphone from the PC using the mouse and keyboard.

All notifications, such as chats, are displayed on the PC with Unison. Smartphone apps can also be operated from the PC, for example for post-processing and synchronization of pictures taken with the smartphone. According to Intel, this should be less of a distraction in everyday work, since you have to pick up the smartphone less often – or in the best case not at all.


In an interview with voonze online, Intel’s Josh Newman emphasized that the responsible development team attached great importance to integrating Unison as efficiently as possible. Aspects such as battery life and fan noise should not noticeably affect the software.

Anyone who uses a Dell notebook may already be familiar with the principle. Dell Mobile Connect and Alienware Mobile Connect also use Screenovate technology and provide a similar functionality. After Intel’s takeover However, Dell announced the discontinuation of the app.

Meanwhile, Unison is still starting with restrictions: In the next few months, Intel will only enable Unison for selected, Evo-certified notebooks with Alder Lake CPUs (Core i-12000) from Acer, HP and Lenovo. Dell is not among the first partners. The manufacturers possibly implement a so-called Verdongelung via cryptographic keys – Intel speaks of a BIOS component in any case.

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From the beginning of 2023, Unison should be pre-installed ex works on selected Evo notebooks with a Raptor Lake CPU (Core i-13000). According to the current status, no app is planned for desktop PCs.