Intel overtakes Samsung to take global lead in semiconductor market

Intel overtakes Samsung to take global lead in semiconductor market

An analysis by Gartner had already pointed out that Samsung took Intel’s prominent place in the global semiconductor market in the second half, but now the situation has reversed. This is what the Omdia report released by the Business Korea🇧🇷 In it, it is said that the South Korean lost the first place to Intel again in the third quarter of 2022.

The research reports that Samsung recorded a 28.1% drop in its revenue in the third quarter of 2022, totaling US$ 14.6 billion while Intel sold US$ 14.9 billion in semiconductors. Third on the list is Qualcomm with an increase of 5.6% in revenue for the period, a place that belonged to SK Hynix, but which was lost with a 26% drop in sales.

Global semiconductor market. Image: Omedia

Overall, the global semiconductor market reported revenue of $147 billion in Q3 2022, down 7% from Q2’s $158 billion.

Cliff Rimbach, chief researcher at Omdia, points out that the main cause of this drop in sales is still the COVID-19 pandemic, which made the demand for electronic products grow and, consequently, reduced the semiconductor market.

The semiconductor market saw profits decline 27% compared to the previous quarter due to customer inventory adjustments and a decrease in demand for chips from data centers, PCs and mobile devices.

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