Intel may launch Core i3-N305 and i3-N300 as new entry-level processors of “Alder Lake” family

Intel may launch Core i3-N305 and i3-N300 as new entry-level processors of
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Intel launched its 13th generation of processors last Tuesday (27), but there is still fruit to be reaped from the 12th generation, also known as “Alder Lake”. As revealed by a leak this week, there are two entry-level models with a focus on affordability that should be released soon: Core i3-N305 and Core i3-N300.

We previously reported that Intel may do away with the “Celeron” and “Pentium” lines—popular in the entry-level hardware market—to start a new series of low-cost processors. The Core i3-N305 and Core i3-N300 bolstered this rumor by appearing in the BAPCo database, reiterating that the manufacturer may introduce the “Core-N” line.

Components will be part of the 12th generation “Alder Lake” family (Image: Reproduction/BAPCo)

Benchmarks show that the Core i3-N305 and Core i3-N300 have 8 physical cores and 8 logical processors — 8 threads, in the most popular parlance. This means that the processors will not support Hyper-Threading, that is, will have by low power “E” cores only of Intel’s hybrid architecture.

It is worth remembering that the more advanced models of the previous generation have “P” or “Golden Cove” cores, which offer more performance and support Hyper-Threading; and “E” or “Gracemont” cores, which focus on low power consumption and do not support Hyper-Threading. The “Core-N” line does not seem to use “P” cores.

The Core i3-N305 and Core i3-N300 will be intended for use in notebooks, as shown in the benchmark sheet. The performance results were handled by the platform’s “Best Performance” and “Best Economy” modes, so there is still no information that highlights the differences between the models.

(Image: Intel)

The 12th generation “Alder Lake” family marked a major change in the architecture of Intel’s processors, which now feature ARM-like core configurations. This feature has been maintained in the 13th generation “Raptor Lake” family, which is expected to launch in the retail market on October 20th.

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