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Intel Core i7-1370P: New notebook processor leaks with 14 cores, clocked at 5.0 GHz and more

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Intel announced its first 13th generation Core processors only for high-performance desktops, but the expectation is that the hardware giant will introduce a new line of chips for notebooks in 2023. Geekbench listed the test of a device equipped with the Core i7-1370P🇧🇷

This unprecedented processor will belong to the “P” series, which groups models with more performance than the “U” series and less energy consumption than the “H” series. Entry into the benchmark test bed indicates that the chip will be equipped with 14 cores and 20 threadsin addition to registering a maximum clock of almost 5.0 GHz.

(Image: Screenshot/Geekbench)

Its number of cores and threads indicates that it will be upgraded to 6 high-performance cores (“P” cores) and 8 low-power cores (“E” cores). Remember that the Core i7-1270P had 4 “P” cores and 8 “E” cores, totaling 16 threads.

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Another improvement over its predecessor is the maximum clock, which will increase from 4.8 GHz to almost 5.0 GHz. Additionally, its L3 cache capacity should increase from 18MB to 24MB, which could yield a slight reduction in CPU latency. It is deduced that the Core i7-1370P keeps the base power of 28W.

Its 1655 single-core and 10184 multi-core scores indicate that the performance jump over Core i7-1270P will be only 5%🇧🇷 It is worth remembering that the 13th generation uses the same 10-nanometer lithography as the 12th generation.

The “U”, “P”, and “H” lines of 13th generation Core processors will be direct rivals to AMD’s Ryzen 7000 family. The strengths of the “red team” will be TSMC’s Zen 4 architecture with 5-nanometer lithography and integrated graphics with RDNA 3 technology used in Radeon RX 7000 Series graphics cards.

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