Intel Arc graphics suffer from lag and are still far from the best of NVIDIA and AMD

Intel Arc graphics suffer from lag and are still far from the best of NVIDIA and AMD
intel arc graphics suffer from lag and are still far

A little over a year ago Intel introduced its brand of graphics cards. We are talking about Intel Arc, a proposal designed to compete with NVIDIA GeForce RTX and AMD Radeon RXincluding its most ambitious products aimed at the demanding gamer world.

At the desktop graphics level, Intel entered the lower end last June with the launch of the Intel Arc A380 and promised that the higher series, the Arc 5 and Arc 7, would arrive “sometime in the summer”. The truth is that this season has ended and the GPUs have not appeared.

What is happening with the Intel Arc?

While NVIDIA’s new 4000 series with the new Ada Lovelace architecture is approaching its October 12 launch and AMD plans to introduce its RDNA 3 graphics cards on November 3, we don’t have a release date or price of the Intel Arc 5 and Arc 7.

In recent times, the company led by Pat Gelsinger has revealed the characteristics of its Intel Arc 580, Intel Arc 750 and Intel Arc 770 graphics cards, proposals that all of Intel’s dedicated graphics card division, as it is causing millions of dollars in losses, could lead the company to dismiss future graphics card releases and abandon Intel Arc after the second generation.

Raja Koduri himself, General Director of Graphics, has admitted who have suffered more obstacles than they had planned. Even so, the former leader of this segment at AMD, now in the ranks of Intel, was committed to the company’s graphics card division and recalled that the entire trio of graphics cards would be launched in early October. In a few days we will know.

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