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Intel Arc graphics, finally unveiled: four models for the desktop that aspire to compete with the RTX 3060

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Intel has just published a video in which it finally reveals the characteristics of its family Intel ARC Alchemist. This new series of graphics cards for desktop PCs —already launched in laptops— debuts with four models that aspire to compete —in the most powerful versions— with the current NVIDIA RTX 3060.

The graphs are Intel Arc 380, Intel Arc 580, Intel Arc 750, and Intel Arc 770which have up to 32 Xem cores up to 16 GB of GDDR6 memory and a working frequency that can reach 2,100 MHz. The only unknown that remains to be known is its price.

At the moment, far from the ambition of AMD and NVIDIA

Those responsible for Intel thus confirm the data that had been pointing to the launch at last —but with delays— of its first dedicated graphics cards for desktop PCs. is the crystallization of an effort that has been running for years and that tries to turn Intel into a clear competitor of AMD and NVIDIA.

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These first models will not do it against the most powerful cards of these manufacturers, but they are an interesting step that will certainly allow us to raise an alternative to the RTX 3060 from NVIDIA.

Both the Intel Arc A750 and the Intel Arc 770 do it, the most powerful models of this manufacturer. The Intel Arc 770 has 32 Xe cores at 2,100 MHzup to 16 GB of GDDR6 memory, a bandwidth of 560 GB/s and a TDP of 225 W.

From then on, the proposals are somewhat less ambitious, but all of them undoubtedly allow users to have more options in the gaming market.

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Data: Intel. Source: Videocardz.

For now, only the price of the Intel Arc 380 that was launched in June at $139 is known, and it remains to be seen at what prices her older sisters will be sold.

The RTX 3060 are currently around 450 euros on average, so if Intel manages to place the Intel Arc 750 and 770 below that limit we may have before us some attractive graphs.

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