Install the digital certificate on any device by exporting it from your mobile

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You can now download and export the digital certificate from your phone simply using the official FNMT application.

A few days ago, the Government of Spain made available to citizens an application with which they could install the digital certificate on their mobile phone for free, to carry out all types of procedures without having to go in person to the different offices. This It is a big change compared to having to install it on the computer or having to use third-party certificates that, although not very expensive, were not free either.

For this, a application called Certificate digital FNMT that is available on both Android and iPhone. It is an already essential complement to the already famous My Citizen Folder application and is a good example of this. What many do not know is that it is possible not only to install the certificate on the mobile, but also to export it.

This way, It can be used on other devices that support the installation of these files. If the certificate is needed but not on the mobile, you can follow the steps described for installation on the phone and then export it by email or any messaging application to another device.

How to export the certificate

Of course, if you do not yet have the certificate it is necessary have a mobile phone with NFC, the electronic DNI and its PIN, which is the one delivered when the DNI is renewed, in a sealed envelope. If this PIN is missing, the password can be restored on the orange machines at the National Police stations.

Once the certificate is installed it is very easy to export it. You just have to open the FNMT Digital Certificate application, go to the section My Installed Certificates, click on the blue date on the right side and then in the option Share backup. Then You will be asked to set a password to be able to install that certificate on another device. It may be the same one that has been put on the electronic DNI in case you had to change it or a different one.

Export Digital Certificate

When the process is finished The application itself will allow you to share that file with any app installed on the mobile, like Gmail or WhatsApp. The installation of this file, which will have a .p12 extension, will depend on the type of device on which you want to install it.

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