Instagram’s new security feature to help protect accounts

cd21 451 instagram security checkup.jpg
cd21 451 instagram security checkup.jpg

Instagram just introduced “Security Verification”, its new security function that will help users to protect their accounts as much as possible in case they may have been the object of some type of attack.

According to the announcement of the platform, this new function walk users through a series of steps including verification of login activity, reviewing the information available in the profile, confirming the accounts that share login information, as well as updating the recovery contact information such as phone number or email.

The new security function is available as of today for all users, although from Instagram they have wanted to go further by recommending other steps that users can follow to keep their accounts more secure, including enabling two-factor authentication, adding that in the coming weeks, users from a series of markets will be able to use their WhatsApp number.

There’s also a flurry of safety tips and advice

The platform further indicates that will never send direct messages to users, alluding to the number of fraudulent direct messages that users are receiving in order to compromise their accounts.

For Instagram, own communications are taken to users through the “Emails from Instagram” tab in the configuration options.

On the other hand, invites to report accounts and content that are questionable, recommends enabling the login request to approve or reject when you are going to log in to an unknown device from other devices, as well as review the activity of logins, being able to close sessions in unknown locations or devices.

In this way, Instagram wants to make sure that users have all the necessary tools so that they can keep their accounts safe, although over time they will bring more functions and tools, in addition to improving existing ones, that help users maintain your secure accounts.

It is already a matter of users getting to know them and using them to have their accounts as well protected as possible for possible problems that may arise at any time and for any reason.

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