Instagram would have reached 2 billion users, but in a whisper


Instagram would have reached 2 billion monthly active users, but he did not tell anyone: not surprisingly, the news comes from some sources inside the well-known social network who would have spoken with the CNBC.

The company, which belongs to Meta, has not officially communicated these data, e the reason could be due to the controversies that have affected it in recent months about its alleged danger to the psyche of children and young people, to the point that the social network has released a “Take a break” feature to help users refrain from too frequent use.

As he points out The Verge, the last time Instagram publicly announced data regarding its user base it was 2018, when it had passed the one billion mark.

Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram

If things are as revealed by the employees – who would find out in a series of internal meetings – Instagram would have taken 3 years to reach 2 billion users, just a week before the decision to change the Facebook name to Meta.

Despite not having communicated it, from Instagram they are probably very satisfied with the result achieved, also because the goal is to detach TikTok as much as possible, which passed the 1 billion user mark last September, all just three years after the merger with

If for now the advantage is evident, it is just as obvious as the social of the photos is trying in every way to keep up, introducing functions similar to those of TikTok: last in chronological order the Reels Visual Reply.