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Instagram will no longer allow you to reload TikTok videos on Reels

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Instagram Reels arrived in Italy in August 2020 and immediately proposed itself as the rival service of TikTok, but several users have used it for a long time as a parallel platform to the Chinese social network, uploading the videos posted on the latter platform also on Reels. Well, the developers of the Facebook house have decided to act.

In fact, guidelines regarding the service have appeared on the official Creators account to warn “lazier” content creators and influencers that they will no longer accept the re-upload of videos recorded for TikTok on Instagram Reels, but also blurry or low-resolution videos, clips recycled from other platforms, with a particular frame or completely covered by texts.


These Reels will still be uploadable on Instagram and visible, as long as they respect the community guidelines, but they will not appear in the users feed who do not know the profile of the content creator in question.

Likewise, Instagram has suggested a few methods to improve the Reels: Record yourself doing something particularly fun or that may inspire other people, creatively use tools such as text, filters or camera effects, shoot only vertically, and use music from your social media library or original audio.

By doing so, TikTok and Reels will finally be able to become two actually different platforms, with always interesting but not recycled content. By the way, Google would be thinking of integrating the most popular videos among the results of the smartphone search engine: the tests would already be underway and would aim to reduce the time spent by users on other social networks.

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