Instagram will extend the duration of Stories to 60 seconds

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1639848997 instagram stories.jpg
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Although the ephemeral contents were first employed by Snapchat, Instagram was the social network that widely popularized them by launching their Stories in 2017. Since then, they have become an agile and dynamic format, which stands out for generating greater interaction between users than feed publications and which, in addition, also it generally offers a higher conversion in terms of ad campaigns.

So far the Stories have a maximum duration of 15 seconds

These Stories, which disappear within 24 hours of being published and that have a maximum duration of 15 secondsHowever, they are seeing how other short video platforms are standing up to them. This is the case of TikTok, whose editable short videos have a longer duration and have also achieved great popularity in recent months.

Instagram has tried to counter the growth of TikTok with the launch of the Reels, but it still doesn’t seem to be enough. The social network owned by Meta (Facebook) has its eyes set on the Chinese video app and constantly releases updates that mimic its main features and achievements.

In this sense, Instagram is preparing to allow users to upload longer Stories, reaching up to 60 seconds. Up to now they can be uploaded, but they are divided into Stories with a maximum duration of 15 seconds. However, when this new feature is released, Stories may individually be up to 60 seconds long.

Instagram has not officially confirmed that it will make this change or when it will take place. However, the social network is notifying some users in Turkey of this news and giving them the possibility of uploading longer video content without dividing it into short 15-second Stories. It is possibly an initial test before the official launch of the possibility of creating Stories of up to 60 seconds for the more than one billion users that Instagram has around the world.