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Instagram will allow you to recover your account with the help of your friends

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instagram introduced a series of features that improve some of the most important sections of the app.

And in addition, he anticipated a new dynamic that will help you recover your Instagram account, beyond the steps that the application usually asks for. We tell you what it is.

New option to recover an Instagram account

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One of the latest innovations that Instagram launched is a new section to manage our activity on the platform, as we told you in a previous article. But it also announced a new dynamic that we will see in the future that will help us recover our Instagram account.

If we cannot access our account, Instagram helps us recover it by following a series of steps. However, the process is not always so simple if we do not have all the data that the app requests.

To facilitate this process, Instagram is developing a new dynamic that consists of asking our friends for help to confirm our identity. As shown in the images shared by the Instagram team, it first asks to enter a password that we have previously used to access the account.

And then, we can choose 2 Instagram friends to confirm our identity. And of course, it will be necessary for us to communicate with our friends by another means so that they know that we request this action through Instagram.

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Our friends will receive a notification like » [nuestro nombre de usuario] You cannot access your account…” And they will have a maximum period of 24 hours to respond to this request. If both comply with this request, then Instagram will allow us to recover the account and create a new password.

If the friends we have chosen to help us do not respond, then we can make a new attempt by selecting 2 new friends, and all the steps mentioned above will start again. Instagram has not mentioned more details about this new dynamic, but promises that it will share more about this experience soon.

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