Instagram wants to be WhatsApp: message editing, pinned chats and more news come to the application

instagram wants to be whatsapp message editing pinned chats and.webp.webp.webp
instagram wants to be whatsapp message editing pinned chats and.webp.webp.webp

Meta has announced a series of news that They improve the Instagram chat functionbringing it closer to the experience we find in other similar apps in the house such as Messenger or WhatsApp.

Instagram messaging wants to stop being second division and adds advanced functions so that we take it seriously. Among the new features are the editing messages, setting chats, monitoring reading indicatorsmore themes, favorite stickers and the possibility of replying with more types of elements.

Editing messages on Instagram


The editing messages comes to Instagram to give us some time so we can correct the messages we have on

To edit a message, we need to long tap it until the context menu is displayed, where we will see Edit. Edited messages appear with the text Edited above, although it is not possible to see the edit history.

Pinned chats


Along with the expected edition of messages come the pinned chatswith which you can leave up to three chats close at hand, even if you haven’t received new messages for a while.

This novelty has not personally appeared to me yet, so it should still be activated for users. When you have it, you will see the option to set in the context menu after long-tapping in a chat.

Read receipts, if you want


Meta has announced it now, although we could already try at the end of last year the option to disable read receipts. When we do so, they will not know that we have read a message, although neither will we know when they read the messages we have in

Read receipts can be turned on and off globally from Instagram settings > Messages and story replies > Show read receipts. Additionally, you can activate or deactivate them separately in each chatin its Privacy and security settings.

Other changes


The changes to improve Instagram messaging don’t end there. The application now gives us the option to mark stickers as favorites (with a long touch). These favorite stickers will appear at the top of the sticker selector. Furthermore, when responding to a message we can do it with stickers, animated GIFs, videos, photos or voice clips, while in Nates you could only write a text.

Finally, Meta has taken advantage of the opportunity to add a few topics to Instagram, which you are free to configure in any of your chats. Topics are configured by tapping on the header of a chat and then on Issue.

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