Instagram tests paid subscriptions to creators

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instagram logo 1920 jifdwy.jpg

Today, Instagram has launched a new paid subscription feature for creators on iOS and Android devices. In this way, Facebook will try to attract potential creators who are with other competitors such as Only Fans and who are still growing.

Facebook’s problems and discontent with the App Store continue, however Apple’s in-app purchase system is being used for subscriptions. Apple would keep 30% of the subscription fees. Facebook mentions that it is developing ways for creators to see “how much they pay at Apple.”

Instagram subscriptions

Paid subscriptions for Instagram they are on trial for now and only available to a small group of creators. They choose the monthly fee, in addition to power add subscribe buttons to your profiles. Thus, subscribers have access to three Instagram features.

Subscribing includes access to: special issues live exclusives, stories only subscribers can see and insignia that are displayed next to comments and messages indicating that you are a subscriber. In addition to this, Instagram, in the coming months, would add more creators who may have the opportunity to try paid subscriptions.

The first 10 creators to be able to test the new feature are: @sedona._, @alizakelly, @kelseylynncook, @bunnymichael, @jordanchiles, @jackjerry, @donalleniii, @elliottnorris, @lonnieiiv Y @alanchikinchow.

Despite the conflicts that Facebook has had against Apple, they decide to use the App Store for internal purchases of the application, it has also been quite critical of the division in quotas, since Apple would take 30% of the revenue through the App Store.

For its part, Facebook would try to develop methods so that creators can see their income more clearly and even turn them against Apple to reduce controls on purchase fees.

Facebook, in the year 2020, introduced this paid subscription system in its homonymous application, however this method would be more similar to that used by Only Fans, being a possible strategy to win the public of this app and become a competitor of it. Instagram could have the upper hand, because here the creators start from a quantifiable fan base, as well as a more efficient ease of marketing.