Instagram takes Sensitive Content Control to more areas of recommendations


So that users can better customize the experience they want to receive from Instagram, this platform has announced that over the next few weeks it will bring the new update to the Sensitive Content Control function to all users.

Released last summer, the new update will begin to cover more areas of the app’s recommendations beyond the Explore section to which it has been exclusively applied to date.

To better define the level of experience to receive on Instagram

According to Instagram, this control will also cover accounts seen in Search, Accounts You Might Follow, Reels, tag pages, and Wall Recommendationsallowing users to set the level of responsive control they’re willing to see in the app from the usual three options.

In addition, Instagram points out that with this same update they will apply the technology they use to enforce their Recommendation Guidelines to the recommendations that the platform makes on the search and hashtag pages.

Users will be able to set between the three available sensitivity levels, which are now renamed to be more descriptiveand they are: “More”, “Standard” and “Less”, where Standard is the default for all.

In the case of those under 18 years of age, they will not have the “More” option, which would allow them to see more sensitive content in their accounts, always within what is permissible according to the rules of the community, having to opt for the default option or which allows them to see less sensitive content.

And in any case remember that:

There are additional tools we offer that can help you shape your Instagram experience, including Comment Control, Restrict, Block, and Mute.

In this way, users have a series of controls with which to set the level of experience they want to receive in the application, although Instagram hopes to be able to offer more tools in the future that allow setting the level of experience more precisely. they want to receive.

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